• When it comes to tea, no one does it better than Radhika Batra Shah. Whether you are looking for a perfect cup of tea or are looking to host an interactive tea ceremony for your guests, Radhika's Fine Teas is the one stop shop for all your tea needs! As a Tea aficionado, I am amazed at the variety of tea leaves that she offers from plantations across the world. My personal favourite is the "white silver needle leaf" and I love to start my day with a cup or two of it.

    Parineeta Sethi
    Publisher Exposure Media

  • "Radhika's teas are, like her, exuberant and full of personality. Each one is unique, and my favourite ones are the Butterfly Pea Flower (currently used at Shizusan Shophouse & Bar for our signature colour-changing cocktail called Hattori Hanzo) and the Rose Tea. When I met Radhika, she took it upon herself to convert me from a coffee enthusiast to someone who can take pleasure in a good cup of tea – mission accomplished Radhika! Along with her professionalism and bottomless knowledge, Radhika also customizes brews which gives her an edge over others."

    Deepti Dadlani
    Director Communications Bellona Hospitality Pvt Ltd

  • I am an author and nothing wakes me up better than a hot cup of finely brewed tea. So when I heard of Radhika's teas I just had to try the various flavored and what a vast selection of flavoures I was treated to. A flavor for every occasion and what's more she even helps you understand food pairing god with your brew. Ever since I have been a connoisseur of her fine teas and recommend them to one and all.

    Author, Painter

  • "Radhika Fine Teas, is an artfully curated idea of supreme teas accompanied with enchanting conversation. Served personally or gifted it provides for tasteful stimulation?. Differentiated from most offerings in the Indian market place, it's an indulgence which becomes a habit. Radhika adds a great personal touch with her recommendations"

    Sunil Lulla
    MD, Grey Group, India

  • Radhika is very passionate about Tea. Her knowledge of the different types of Teas and their benefits is unsurpassed. A true connoisseur and the person to go to in the country on anything TEA. Wishing her all the best in her endeavours.

    Vickram Singh Bawa
    Acclaimed Photographer

  • For a refreshing start to the day ...Radhikas fine teas ! it rejuvenates and keeps me going all day ! The exotic flavors and aromas bursting with health and joy invigorates mind, body and soul !

    Sangeeta Navalkar
    Senior Educational Consultant

  • It's always a pleasure to work with Radhika for many reasons. Apart from being a real fun person who is full of life, and sourcing some wonderful teas from across the world she is also one of the few tea sommeliers who understands how to pair the teas with food. I have fond memories of co-conducting a workshop with her at Craft where we showcased some super creative stuff. Thank you, Radhika, for bringing out the best in me during the workshop.

    Paul Kinny
    Chef 212, Kraft, Shizushan

  • Radhika Fine Teas is a pioneer in introducing the world to the luxury of gorgeous teas. She has helped revive a very important and legendary Indian tradition with her sustained and passionate efforts; constantly stretching the languorous experience of drinking tea with its attendant health benefits. A walking encyclopaedia on the subject I confess the best tea I have had has come from her table.

    Shalni Sharma
    Editor Hi Blitz

  • Brewing & Consuming fine teas & bonding over customised tea ceremonies has gained tremendous popularity in our health conscious society. Radhika's fine teas the brainchild of Entrepreneur Radhika Shah has been a pioneer in this field & has become a household name. The Teas have become a force to reckon with due to the Creatively monitored Quality, Variety & Visibility. Tasting each tea & understanding the intricacies of a tea ceremony has been a magical experience. Kudos to the Vision & Execution skills of this young entrepreneur. Wish you success in all your future endeavours & look forward to many more enriching tasting experiences.

    Jyoti Thakur
    Former Vice Principal & Currently Executive Coordinator, Managing Board Jai Hind College.

  • Tea is not just a drink. It's a symbol of culture and hospitality. Tea can be healthy too if consumed in the right time and amount. Radhika has surprised me by showing her passion in the study and recommendation of hundreds of varieties in it! I had never thought that just the tea can be a matter of such vastness, may it be its study or business. Hats off Radhika! All the very best and wish you every success.

    Dr Prasanna Kakunje
    Ayurvedic Physician and Spa Consultant

  • Radhika's tea is the way I start my mornings. The light flavors awake my senses and help me get focused for my day and plan my to-dos. I find other tea blends often too strong or overly fragrant, Radhika's tea hits the spot for me with each and every offering.

    Isheeta Ganguly
    Performing Artist, Playwright & Screenwriter

  • Radhika and her tea complement each other perfectly... a true blend of style and flavour to suit each palette... I love her zest , zeal and passion towards her work that totally reflects in each and every little aspect of her Label.. wishing you all the success.

    Amy Billimoria
    Fashionista, Designer

  • Nothing is more refreshing then a cup of Radhika's fine teas while working and planning our next line up my favourite are jasmine flowers perfect taste and calming notes. Rajneesh and I love to have our quiet moments sipping away "Silver Needle White leaf "with the lovely Lanka cinnamon pod from Radhikas signature collection each evening.

    Pallavee & Rajniesh Duggall
    Pallavee Founder Fashion Pop-Up, Rajniesh Actor

  • I begin my days at office with Radhikas Fine Teas - It restores me and prepares me for any challenges that the day may pose. Magical, rejuvenating, invigorating …the saga continues with different flavours through the day…. There is always time for tea and tea for ’time of the day'! A cuppa Radhikas makes everything better.

    Piyush Sharma
    CEO – New Initiatives Zee Entertainment

  • The new age health drink Green Tea or Flavoured Tea has made its mark in India. Thanks to RADHIKASFINETEAS PROMOTER RADHIKA that we have been more and more exposed to various varieties of Teas at her Elegant TEA CEREMONIES which are most sought after by the UPPER CRUST SOCIETY. Truly a Pioneer in pushing the kettle to propagate Tea drinking in the right way and it's health benefits. Congratulations RADHIKA and wish you all the best.

    Niranjan Thakur
    Director. Jorini Hospitality Pvt Ltd

  • Radhika's Fine Teas & Whatnot's as they call themselves are your one stop place for all things Tea ! Be it the best varieties of tea, tea accessories or even specially conducted tea ceremonies. I'm a tea lover & I love having access to all of this thanks to the charming Radhika Batra.

    Manasi Joshi Roy

  • RFT are a charming blend of love and care where Radhika has crafted each flavour with a unique recipe with the perfect notes My fav leaf being Darjeeling WHOLELEAF Rose leaf Green Tea

    Rohit Roy
    Actor /Director

  • Radhikas tea is just best in the world, as the ingredients and Flavours are just magnificent. Made with a lot of thought each leaf by her has a benefit My UK vocalist friends love Radhikas tea as its soothing to their vocal chords and just makes singing easier during long hours of rehearsal!! United Kingdom loves Radhikas Fine teas

    Guru Soundz Chairman, UK World musician & TV Host

  • Radhika opened the world of teas to hiten n me...we were always tea lovers but had no idea about the types and benefits of different teas...thank you Radhika for enlightening us n making us aware of every minute detail and importance of different teas...it was only green tea for us before we met Radhika...now we know there are other types of tea which are even more beneficial than green tea...her knowledge about teas amazes us and the variety of teas she has confuses us because we don't know what to pick up...everything is so good!

    Gauri Tejwani & Hiten Tejwani
    Gauri Founder Fashion Pop Up, Hiten Tea lover & Actor

  • Tea is and has been my only redemption! A fight with a friend, a stressful exam, a difficult decision and such of life have always led me to make and savour my own cup of calm! Who knew this cuppa could be made so sexy & desirable! Radhika's fine teas are this and more! Picked up some beautiful packs of my favourite Tea & Tisane and haven't shopped for any other Tea since!

    Sonal Divekar
    CEO, MEEtime Holidays

  • There's nothing better than a cup of tea to refresh, Reinvigorate, calm or cleanse you and who better than our friendly tea sommelier Radhika to help one pick the right blends that is just perfect for you. Her width of knowledge has translated so beautifully in her wide reportoire of teas. Incredible.

    Mohit Khattar
    CEO Graviss Foods Pvt LTD (Baskin Robbins Ice creams)

  • Your success does not surprise me. In fact I am also sure that there is something better brewing and cannot wait to hear about it. Your brand is nothing but you. Your honesty, dedication, elegance, detailing and taste is all displayed in through your product and it's packaging. People celebrate their height of success with wine / alcohol to get a high, I celebrate the high with Radhika's fine tea to get fresh to achieve a new high!!

    Saurabh Chavda
    Owner Proprietor

  • "My mornings are incomplete without a cup of Magic from Radhika fine teas, Really look forward to my morning ritual of lemon grass chai /silver needle white tea, the aroma the sweetness and taste just elevates my mornings to a whole new level...Thank you Radhika for the wonderful tealicious experience...once tried fan forever - love it".

    Puneet Sareen
    Proprietory trader- Genuine Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd

  • "I wonder how - Tea. A three-letter, petite word could contain so colossal a world inside... So much established is the wonder cup in our lives; who can deny the tradition of heads and hearts meeting over cups of tea. Radhikas Fine Teas is just that perfect leaf well curated well thought of and well presented The right brew the right mix and the timing and then wafts the aroma ...spelling the needed magic on the soul. Yes, it is the much celebrated and the always awaited cup of Chai by India's best and favourite tea sommelier Radhika She is a powerhouse of energy always enthused to create her tea stories such that every customer has a splendid experience from sipping the leaf to the matching tea ware to the great tea ceremonies all done it perfectly by Radhikas Fine Teas & Whatnots.

    Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe
    Group Director S.P. Mandali's Prin. L.N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research L N Road, Matunga

  • Each and every flavour of Radhika Tea is one better than the other – really out of the world. I drink Radhika and only Radhika Tea. We have gifted Radhika Tea to many of our customers, who visited us and each and every of one of them have always appreciated the highest quality of Radhika tea.

    Vineet Sood
    Managing Director, Centex Fabrics Export Unit, Ludhiana

  • I love sipping a calming leaf cuppa of Camomile. Post a long day especially after dinner I look forward to Radhikas carefully curated Tisanes. This beautea, a pure flower Infusion from China is a work of therapeutic art.

    Atul Kasbekar
    Acclaimed Photographer, Producer