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A brew will see you through.

A selection of tea leaves, a little patience, and right timing is all you need to make that perfect brew. But if you truly want to discover the "Art of tea", Radhikas Tea Ceremony is the place to be.

Radhikas Tea Ceremonies are a celebration of this well-known but little explored humble leaf. They are customised and themed events where Radhika demonstrates the art of tea and takes you through the intricacies of different types of teas from around the world. From themes like Victorian High Tea to Oriental Tea to Cutting chai monsoon session to Tea Infused Food Festivals, her tea ceremonies are an experience to cherish.

Her unique blends, exclusive tea leaves and tisanes along with an elaborate set-up consisting of the Gaiwan's, Tea Pans, Dumpling teacups and other tea accoutrements ensure that your journey throughout the ceremony remains enchanted while Radhika shares the secrets of the art of tea, exclusively with you. Some of the famous entities where our Tea Ceremonies have charmed since the past ten years are: ArtDiNox by Jindals, Yauatcha restaurant launch for the media, Haagen Daaz Patisserie launch, Malhar and MoodI fests for colleges, Kala Ghoda Fest, Craft restaurant Christmas affair, Idiva womens Day, Karen Anands Farmers Market.

What happens in a tea ceremony

  • Typical Tea Ceremony begins with a grand set up by Radhika and her Tea Team.
  • They transform the venue of the tea ceremony to suit the theme with the right teapans, the accoutrements, sampling cups, mixing ladles and the leaves.
  • Radhika then sets the respective tea leaves for brewing and begins her tea story.
  • As per the theme, Radhika takes her audience through the finer nuances of each tea that she has set for brewing.
  • While each tea story in on, tea shots are served simultaneously by her baristas to give a taste, touch, and feel of the whole tea experience, pleasantly awakening every tea drinker's senses.
  • Each of Radhikas Fine Tea leaves has a purpose and benefit along with lesser known uses like VaniTea infused food or Tea for gardening or Tea Infused food recipes .

Tea Ceremony Themes

The themes of every Tea Ceremony is pre-decided as per your requirement and Radhikas recommendations. Following are some of the most popular themes:

  • Monsoon Cutting Chais
  • Teas around the World
  • Brite and EarlyTeas
  • Romantic Tisanes
  • Healing Chais
  • Connoisseur Brews
  • Teas Resonating Feelings
  • Teas for each part of the day