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Feelings :
  • Refreshing
  • Energizing
Antioxidant level :
Caffeine level :
Time of the day:
  • Mid-Morning
Origin : China


Originating from Yunnan Province, China Pu-erh teas are known as the wine of fine teas or the collector's tea as they get better with age. The origin of this tea goes back to the time when the route to Mongolia was called the tea route or the second silk route owing to the barter of pu-erh tea for horses.
A different taste in every chunk and brew, Puer tea comes in the form of bricks and is smooth, bold and malty in taste when infused. In olden times, it was known as the poor man's tea as it was transported from China to Mongolia especially for the labours. Today, it is more of a rich man's tea due to the extensive bricking process it undergoes before reaching your teacup.
Radhika's Tea Tips
The wet leaves after several steeps can be used in potted plants and garden as organic manure.

How To Brew

How To Brew
  • Water is Tea’s best friend

  • Break a small chunk off roughly one gram of this vintage Pu-erh STIMULATION Tea brick

  • Add hot water, just enough to wash the tea

  • Discard the water and steep with fresh hot water

  • When the water boils, pour it over Pu-erh

  • The same chunk can be re-brewed up to 3 times and the whole brick can be consumed over years

  • The steeping time can be increased by 5 seconds progressively for further re-brews

*At RadhikasFineTeas we believe a recipe for tea simply spoils it, instead a pinch of your favorite leaf is what you need to explore the nuances and notes of tea as it unfurls and expands, adjusting with more or less leaf or more or less water.
So a pinch is thus taking for measurements sake a TABLESPOON of the leaf or 2 grams for 8 ounces of water.

Things you will need

food accompaniments

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