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Oolong Shanghai Style ENERGY Tea


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Oolong Shanghai Style ENERGY Tea

Feelings :
  • Refreshing
  • Energizing
Antioxidant level :
Caffeine level :
Time of the day:
  • Mid-Morning
Origin : China

Oolong Shanghai Style ENERGY Tea

Sourced straight from our tea partners in Qingdao, China-Oolong Shanghai Style ENERGY Tea is best known as Formosa wu-long, the champagne of all China teas. The reason this connoisseur tea enjoys such a royal status is for its ability to take in the characteristics of both black and green teas during processing. Plucked and oxidised in small lots, each leaf goes through an elaborate oxidation before it makes it to our cuppa.
Earthy with a tinge of mountain air in every sip, this premium brew is just about perfect is every possible way.
Radhika's Tea Tips:
1. Drinks:
Add this infusion to your cocktails/mocktails or simply blend it with flavoured syrups
2. Food:
After steeping for multiple times, you can reuse the steeped leaves in salads or use the infusion in Asian curries with cottage cheese, chicken and prawn to give them an earthy flavour.

How To Brew

How To Brew
  • Water is Tea’s best friend

  • Take a about 5 to 6 pellets of Oolong Shanghai Style ENERGY Tea in your infuser cup, double it incase of a kettle

  • Boil water and wait till the bubbles calm

  • Pour this warm water over the leaves

  • Cover the cup or kettle for steeping

  • Steep for 3 to 5 minutes

  • Strain and sip as soon as the pellets unfurl

  • This tea can be re-steeped up to 3-5 times depending on your palette, although Radhika highly recommends the third steep

  • Steeping time should be reduced to 30 seconds progressively as you steep multiple times

  • Alternatively, you can serve it as a chilled infusion by cooling it for 2-3 hours and adding a dash of honey and cinnamon

*At RadhikasFineTeas we believe a recipe for tea simply spoils it, instead a pinch of your favorite leaf is what you need to explore the nuances and notes of tea as it unfurls and expands, adjusting with more or less leaf or more or less water.
So a pinch is thus taking for measurements sake a TABLESPOON of the leaf or 2 grams for 8 ounces of water.

Things you will need

food accompaniments

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