Chapter two, Radhikas growing up

Chapter two, Radhikas growing up

Chapter two .....growing up ....each leaf tells a story

The leaf entices

The leaf tells a story

The leaf is your buddy in disguise

This I discovered as I dunked in loads of cutting chai whilst studying for my MBA

We all have aspirations and ambitions

Some to fly high and achieve the impossible some to simply go beyond the usual

Post my bachelors in commerce I went onto doing a Masters in Marketing ie MBA all of 20 yrs only

Then interned with Balsara a cool Indian company that was known for its toothpaste and room fresheners

Finally campus placement took me to the worlds no 5 agency McCann Erickson !!

Late hours, creative energy, client briefs, strategy for brands to be positioned, ads being released , media being planned for each campaign....basically the chaos of a new job and me wanting to make a mark

More chai happened with new friends and a fantastic boss !!!

2 yrs up and job 2 happened, a move deliberately as I wish to explore the other side not that of an agency but that of the client. The Tatas it was!! the best corporate to work with, in India and with their budding retail store Westside opening in each city, I fitted straight into the marketing team.

Research, wardrobe audits, PR, financial analyses, celeb shoots new learnings

But there was more... I was married by now !!

Balancing home and work so young ...needed strong brews of Darjeeling

I met my soul mate on the job, he loved tea just like me along with it a fitness freak and spiritual was meant to be

Education.... career....dreams

My journey at this point was full of new beginnings

MBA, New job, Marriage

Each phase had a lesson to learn ....that of love,laughter, endurance, team spirit

But not without tea

Cutting chai for studying

Kadak chai for working

Classic Darjeeling for those romantic evenings

In this romantic month of February I leave you with a thought ....

“ love yourself, love life and then only can you wish love to all around you “

Like we say in our romantic tea Selection

“Wishing love in every brew”

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