Chapter Three - Getting To Know Him Over Tea

As I was enveloped with responsibilities of a new job and marriage there was this hidden restlessness to do something so amazing, my own !!!
Flavours with nuances and notes that I would entice the world with 
No clue that all this would lead to tea then!!
To be in the corporate world was a great high especially to be recognised as a successful assistant manager .. with the best corporate in the country The Tata’s 

Long days at work, coming back home to our ritual of making tea he and me bought the best leaves in our travel to Australia for our honeymoon 
The billy tea it was, from the Australian bush in Queensland black leaves with notes of eucalyptus. Billy means the metal can which was put over camp fire to make the tea in olden days but the Aussies still love to use this method of tea brewing,  the authentic way 

Getting to know him over tea was actually beauteaful as you know we tend to be at our best while dating but to live and love is the real deal :)) and so just as there are “types of teas” so are different ways of interpreting marriage : 

White tea = is the purest and so is true love from which stems respect to make a marriage fulfilling 

Green tea =is fresh and so is the need to thrive in a relationship as you keep infusing healthy notes each day to keep it afresh irrespective of years 

Oolong tea =  champagne of teas, takes in the best of green and black and so does marriage as you take the best of each other and learn to enjoy the journey you set on 

Black tea = is robust yet smooth, well yes a marriage needs abit of both as the strength and warmth of each resonates happiness and joy forever 

So thus as I wrap this on women’s day month of March an ode to all the women who balance lives, may you get the support of your man as a good team makes it worthy a good journey of life 

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